Where to find us

Our scooter rental company is situated right in the midst of the Moravian Karst, in the village of Vilémovice. You can’t miss it when getting to the Upper Bridge of the Macocha Abyss (Horní můstek).

Vilémovice 95, 679 06 Jedovnice

Book your scooter:
tel.: +420 605 186 200
e-mail: info@nakolobce.cz

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How to get to us?

From the direction of Blansko: Our house is the first one in the village on the left-hand side.
From the direction of Jedovnice: We have the last house on the right-hand side in the direction towards Blansko.
From the direction of Ostrov u Macochy: Turn right on the main crossroad in Vilémovice, the last house on the right is the one you are looking for.

If you come by car and want to leave it parked here, the best parking spot is on the Vilémovice village square.

Enjoy a short trip for a half prize

If you rent a scooter for a time shorter than four hours, your rental fees will be just 200 Kč!

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9.7.2009, 09:47

Do not keep to yourself your scooter adventures, where you did your somersaults and flips, where you laboured on in the heat of the sun. Leave us your message.