To all who rent our scooter we offer

Scooter transport

  • Transport of the rent scooter to or from a place arranged. Cost 10 CZK per kilometre (both kilometres there and back are to be payed).
  • Transport of the rent kickbike and yourselves in case you decide to end the trip earlier, for example for the reasons of the unfavourable weather. Cost 10 CZK per kilometre (both kilometres there and back are to be payed).
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Relax after the trip

As soon as you return the scooter, you can have a clam and quiet time to relax in our garden.

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Offers for scooter travelers

Unfortunatelly, it is not possible for us to help you finacially; however, we have these offers:

  • We can hand over practical experiences obtained either from our own journeys or from other travellers.
  • We can help you to find the most suitable equipement for your scooter travels.
  • If you travel through the Moravian Karst, we offer the facilities and backgrounds of our house.

First aid on your journeys

We also offer first aid on your travels. Have you got a problem on your yourney anywhere in the world – can’t you find the right component for your scooter? Call or text us and we will send it to you on the arranged address, for example on the address of the Czech embassy in the given country. We will charge you just for the prize of the component and for the transportation fees.

Enjoy a short trip for a half prize

If you rent a scooter for a time shorter than four hours, your rental fees will be just 200 Kč!

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9.7.2009, 09:47

Do not keep to yourself your scooter adventures, where you did your somersaults and flips, where you laboured on in the heat of the sun. Leave us your message.