Welcome to the scooter rental company in the center of the Moravian Karst!

It is said that the most beautiful view of the world is from the back of a horse. Not everybody is able to saddle a horse, though. Similar it is from the saddle of a bicycle – in addition there are breaks, so it is quite easy to “tame” a bike. Also it is known that we most appreciate the coutryside while walking. However, walking might seem to be too slow. Why not trying a scooter then?

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Scooters combine the advantages of walking and using a bicycle. You can enjoy the beauties of the countryside around both slowly and intensively.

Our scooter rental company can be found in the immediate vicinity of the Macocha Abyss in the village of Vilémovice. You can rent profesional scooters both for children and for adults, scooters both for recreation and for sport. With a special child seat also the smallest ones can enjoy a scooter trip. Furthermore, you can use our guide service or the service of transporting the scooters to or from a place arranged.

We are looking forward to your visit. With the scooter’s greeting - "Kick up your heels" - the owners Miloš and Dana.

Enjoy a short trip for a half prize

If you rent a scooter for a time shorter than four hours, your rental fees will be just 200 Kč!

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9.7.2009, 09:47

Do not keep to yourself your scooter adventures, where you did your somersaults and flips, where you laboured on in the heat of the sun. Leave us your message.